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Aerocort Inhaler 50 Mcg + 50 Mcg

Aerocort Inhaler 50 Mcg + 50 Mcg
Aerocort Inhaler 50 Mcg + 50 Mcg
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  • Brand: Cipla Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Model: Aerocort Inhaler 50 Mcg + 50 Mcg
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  • Active Ingredient: Beclomethaso
  • Treatment: Asthma
  • Alcohol: Don't Drink

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Aerocort Inhaler 50 mcg + 50 mcg 

Aerocort Inhaler is a combination of two medications, Beclomethasone Dipropionate and Levosalbutamol. It aids in the treatment of respiratory complications, particularly in asthmatics.  

Aerocort 50 Mcg + 50 Mcg Asthma (wheezing and shortness of breath) is treated with an inhaler. It relaxes the airway muscles and facilitates respiration.

How does the Aerocort Inhaler work?

Levosalbutamol and Beclomethasone Inhaler's active ingredient reduces inflammation in airway pathways.

Levosalbutamol, on the other hand, acts to relax the muscles in the airway pathways. Consequently, the combined processing leads to normal respiration. 

Patients who have difficulty synchronizing the inspiration of breath with aerosol actuation can take this medication with the assistance of a spacer. 

The medication takes 15 minutes to become efficacious and can last up to 15 hours.

In addition, the dosage of this medication varies depending on the condition of the patient. Therefore, it is recommended to consult a physician before consuming the same. 

Instructions for using this medication 

This is a prescription medication that should be consumed with care. 

Maintain an erect posture while inhaling medication, then position the inhaler between your teeth and seal with your lips. Start inhaling the medication along with your respiration and then exhale the canister. 

When your lungs feel full, remove the canister and retain your breath for ten seconds. After ten seconds, expel your breath and gargle water in your mouth.

Side Effects

Aerocort inhalers may cause prevalent adverse effects that may or may not necessitate medical intervention. Among the Side effects are

  • Felt nausea
  • Oral mycotic infection
  • Painful pharynx
  • Sneezing and coughing
  • A painful headache


Each individual reacts uniquely to every drug. Before beginning any new medication, you should discuss all potential drug interactions with your doctor.

Interaction with Medicine

  • The drug Furosemide
  • The chemical compound Chlorthalidone
  • The drug hydrochlorothiazide

Interaction with the Disease

  • Extreme adrenocorticism
  • Herpes ocular infection
  • The disease osteoporosis
  • coronary artery disease

Storage space

Aerocort Inhaler can be stored at temperatures lower than 30 degrees. Please keep it out of reach of animals and minors. 

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