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Lumigan 0.01 Eye Drops (Bimatoprost) Uses, Price, side Effects

Lumigan 0.01 Eye Drops (Bimatoprost)  Uses, Price, side Effects
Lumigan 0.01 Eye Drops (Bimatoprost) Uses, Price, side Effects
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  • Brand: Allergan India Pvt Ltd
  • Model: Lumigan
  • Active Ingredient: Bimatoprost
  • Treatment: Eye Infections
  • Alcohol: Do not drink

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Lumigan 0.01 Eye Drop (Bimatoprost) is a medication that is prescribed to patients who are suffering from high pressure within the eye as a result of open-angle glaucoma or other eye illnesses (such as ocular hypertension). 

Lumigan 0.01 Eye drops work to reduce the amount of pressure in the eye by increasing the amount of fluid that is expelled from the eye.

How to use Lumigan Drops

Lumigan generic Eye Drop Every evening, place one drop of the medication directly into the affected eye. Consult your physician, and make sure to pay close attention to all of their directions.

It is important to make sure that your hands are clean before you use eye drops. It is important that you do not touch the tip of the dropper at any time, nor should you allow it to come into contact with any surface, including your eye. Because of this, pollution will be reduced.

If your doctor has prescribed the use of two separate eye medications at the same time, you should allow at least five minutes to pass between each application of the medication. This will help to prevent the second medicine from "washing out" the first one that was taken.

Never switch from the brand of medication that your specialist prescribed for you to any other available option. It's possible that different brands will perform differently.

Side effects Lumigan eye drops

  • Bloody eye
  • Dry eyes
  • Blurred or decreased vision
  • Fever or chills
  • Blindness
  • Eye color changes
  • Loss of vision
  • Difficulty seeing at night
  • Redness, pain, itching, or swelling of the eye or eyelid


Individualized dosing of this drug will be administered in accordance with the requirements of each specific patient. If your physician has provided you with any particular directives, it is imperative that you carry them out. 

The information that is provided below only covers the normal doses of this particular drug. If your healthcare practitioner has not given you specific instructions to change your dose, you should not make any adjustments to it even if they are different.

The potency of the medication dictates the recommended daily dosage that should be taken by the patient. In addition, the type of medical condition that you are treating with the medication determines the number of dosages you should take each day, the amount of time that should pass between doses, and the total amount of time that you should take the medicine.

Regarding the ophthalmic dose form, sometimes known as eye drops:

Glaucoma and high ocular pressure are treated with the following:

  • Adults and adolescents should put one drop into the eye (or eyes) that are affected once a day in the evening.
  • Teenagers and youngsters younger than 16 years old should not use it because it is not advised that they do so.

For the growth of eyelashes:

  • Adults should put one drop on each of their upper eyelids before going to bed each night.
  • For use in children and the appropriate dosage, consult your pediatrician.

Missed Dose 

If you forget to take a dose of this medication, you should administer it as soon as you remember. If, on the other hand, it is almost time for the next dose, you should not take the missed dose and instead resume your regular dosing plan.

If you forget to apply your LatisseTM solution at your regular time, simply omit the dose you missed and apply the medication, as usual, the following evening.

Lumigan eye Drops Warnings

Put all medications in a secure location where youngsters can't access. Never give anyone else your medication without their permission.

If you have an allergy to bimatoprost, you should not take Lumigan because it contains this ingredient.

Remove with a clean towel any surplus medication that has made contact with other areas of the skin. There is a possibility that the medicine will cause an increase in hair growth in those other areas.

The use of this medication may cause darkening of the eyelids or iris.

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