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Gabantin 400 Mg

Gabantin 400 Mg
Gabantin 400 Mg
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  • Brand: Sun Pharmaceuticals
  • Model: Gabantin 400mg
  • SKU: GBT400
  • Active Ingredient: Gabapentin
  • Treatment: Pain Killer

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gabapentin 400 mg each capsule, is an antiepileptic medication prescribed for neuropathic pain (nerve pain due to damage or injury to your nerves). Diabetes, cancer, spine disorders, thyroid issues, and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection are just some of the diseases that can cause nerve damage.

Damage to the nerves in the arms and legs can cause neuropathic pain that radiates from the affected area and can be described as a burning, throbbing, shooting, sharp, tingling, or numb sensation.
Aside from this, it is sometimes used to treat migraines. Neuropathic pain is a nerve disease that gets worse over time and causes pain in the nerves.

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