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Lioresal 25 mg tablet (Baclofen)

Lioresal 25 mg tablet (Baclofen)
Lioresal 25 mg tablet (Baclofen)
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  • Brand: Novartis, India
  • Model: Lioresal 25 mg tablet
  • Active Ingredient: Baclofen
  • Treatment: Pain Reliever
  • Alcohol: Do not drink

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Lioresal 25 mg Tablet helps to relax the muscles. This prescription helps to alleviate pain by preventing the release of particular chemicals in the brain and spinal cord, which in turn improves the movement of the muscles.

Lioresal 25 mg Tablet may cause a variety of adverse reactions in certain people, including headache, constipation, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, frequent urination, and weariness. Talk to your healthcare provider if any of these adverse effects continue or get worse.

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