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Baclofen 10 mg

Baclofen 10 mg
Baclofen 10 mg
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  • Active Ingredient: Baclofen
  • Treatment: Pain Reliever
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Baclofen 10mg tablet is taken to assist in relaxing particular muscles throughout the body. Baclofen 10 mg Tablet is prescribed to patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, or other conditions that affect the spinal cord in order to alleviate their discomfort and cure some types of spasticity, often known as muscle stiffness and tightness.

What is Baclofen 10 mg used for?

Baclofen 10mg tablets use relieves the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and other illnesses that affect the spinal cord by acting on the nerves in the spinal cord. This results in fewer and less severe muscular spasms.
Baclofen 10 tab is also utilized frequently in the treatment of particular instances of dystonia, such as dystonia that develops after a lesion to the central nervous system caused by trauma.

What is Dystonia?

Dystonia is a neurological movement disease that is distinguished by involuntary (unintended) muscle contractions. These contractions can lead to sluggish repetitive movements or aberrant postures, both of which can be rather painful at times.
Dystonia is characterized by involuntary and protracted muscle contractions that result in sustained postures that frequently involve twisting.

How to use Baclofen Treatment of Dystonia

Off-label usage of baclofen 10mg tablet is common in the treatment of dystonia. Baclofen, which is present in the spinal fluid surrounding the brain and spinal cord, acts as a supplement to the body's supply of the chemical neurotransmitter known as GABA. 
GABA is responsible for the relaxation of muscular activity. Oral administration of the drug is possible, but extremely high doses are typically required to guarantee that the medication completely permeates the bloodstream and reaches the spinal fluid.

Baclofen 10 mg Side Effects

  • Fever
  • Breathing problems;
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Tiredness
  • Confusion

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