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Generic Elavil 75mg

Generic Elavil 75mg
Generic Elavil 75mg
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  • Brand: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
  • Model: Generic Elavil 75mg
  • SKU: ELV25
  • Active Ingredient: Amitriptylin
  • Treatment: Depression
  • Alcohol: Do not drink

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Generic Elavil 75mg is a medication prescribed to treat the symptoms of depression. However, a new study indicates that Generic Elavil 75 mg can also be used to treat chronic pain in adults. 

Generic Elavil 75mg is indicated for the treatment of a variety of disorders in addition to nerve pain, including eating disorders, anxiety, and panic disorders.

Side effect of Generic Elavil 75 mg  

  • Sweating
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Muscle spasms, 
  • Eye pain, redness, or swelling
  • Fever
  • Weight gain

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