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Lunesta 2mg

Lunesta 2mg
Lunesta 2mg
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  • Brand: HAB PHARMA
  • Model: Zunestar 2mg
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  • Active Ingredient: Eszopiclone
  • Treatment: Anxiety
  • Alcohol: Don't Drink

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Eszopiclone (Lunesta 2mg) helps you to fall asleep faster, wake up fewer times during the night and treat insomnia. Buy Lunesta 2mg online @ buyrxsafe

Basic Knowledge Panel:-

Anxiety and help to fall asleep faster
Model Name
Zunestar 2mg
Active Ingredient
Eszopiclone, calcium phosphate & more
Inactive Ingredient
Lactose, triacetin, and many more
Manufacturer Name
Price (100-1000 tab)
$ 180- 945

What is Lunesta?

Lunesta is fundamentally a medicinal drug that is available in the form of tablets. It is essentially used for the purpose to treat a number of sleep problems, mainly targeting insomnia.

What is the chemical composition of the Lunesta 3mg drug?

Well, Lunesta drug tablets contain eszopiclone as its active ingredient, along with some other important but inactive ingredients like calcium phosphate, croscarmellose sodium, and Hypromellose. These inactive ingredients too include colloidal silicon dioxide, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol, triacetin, and titanium dioxide. Lunesta 3mg drug tablets additionally contain FD&C in them along.

How does Lunesta medicine get to the action in the body?

Eszopiclone belongs to the class of drugs which is known as sedative-hypnotics. The exact working mechanism is still unknown for the Lunesta 2mg tablets. However, the effects of Lunesta are believed to be a result of its interaction with GABA receptors of the body at various binding domains. These domains essentially are located pretty close enough to, or else allosterically be coupled to some benzothiazine receptors of the patient’s body.

What is the role of the Lunesta 2mg tablet?

Well, Lunesta, or could be said eszopiclone, is essentially used for the purpose to treat a number of sleep problems, mainly targeting insomnia. This is a condition in which a person finds it really difficult to fall asleep or to stay awake, for longer. The drug significantly helps a person with sleeping issues to fall asleep faster, sleep for a longer number of hours, and lessens up the number of times he wakes up in the middle of the night.

How can a person consume these Lunesta tablets?

One is supposed to simply swallow the tablet with ample amounts of water. It is better to not consume this drug after a heavy or fatty meal. One must neither break it, nor must try to chew, crush, inhale, or inject. Lunesta 3 mg is a drug that is to be taken strictly as per the doctor directed to dose on. Taking more than the prescribed quantity is harmful to the person.

Medical experts also highly recommend that patients consume Lunesta medicine at the same time of the day regularly. It is best to consume this drug with an empty stomach.

What side effects do Lunesta 2 mg tablets show?

Well, there are a number of symptoms that could possibly be pretty common and less severe. The list of some common side effects is mentioned below:

  • Pain, headache, and body ache.
  • Daytime drowsiness.
  • Light-headedness.
  • Nausea, and vomiting.
  • Heartburn.
  • Dry mouth.
  • Painful and unpleasant menstrual periods.
  • Unpleasant taste.
  • Breast enlargement in men.
  • Decrease or loss in sexual desire.
  • Unusual or anxious dreams.
  • Dizziness.
  • Loss of coordination.

Some severe side effects of the Lunesta 2mg drug exist. In case any person experiences any such signs, he must report this issue to the doctor and get an immediate consultation. These serious side effects are usually infrequent. Some of them are listed below as follows:

  • Hives and chills.
  • Hallucinations.
  • Skin rashes, itching, and redness.
  • Swollen face, eyes, ears, ankles, hands, throat, tongue, lower legs, lips.
  • Difficulty in swallowing food, and breathing.
  • Hoarseness.
  • Throat infections and the feeling of the throat are closing.
  • High fever.

What happens in case of an overdose of Lunesta 2 mg drug?

An overdose happens in case a person takes more than the prescribed quantity of the medicine or consumes another drug of the same type. This condition could also be due to consuming moderate to high levels of alcohol while dosing on Lunesta 2 mg medicine, or taking up a frequent dose of the same within a span of time.

However bad the side or adverse effects could be, the overdosing symptoms are more complicated to handle. In the case of Lunesta 2mg medicine, if a person overdoses on the same then he might experience some overdosing symptoms which might include moderate to severe drowsiness, and a condition of losing consciousness for a certain period of time (or so-called coma).

What are some guidelines regarding proper storage and disposal of Lunesta 2mg medicine?

People are advised to keep the medicines in the container in which they came. The storage must be in a proper air-tight medium, which is out of reach of heat and moisture. The tablets must not be frozen also. One must keep them out of sight and reach of children and pets, and to be stored under room temperature.

This was about the storage. In order to carry out proper disposal for Lunesta drug, one must prefer to opt for a medicine take-back program. Unused medicine can easily be disposed of with such stuff. However, people must never think to flush the drug tablets down the toilet.

What happens in case a person forgets to take up a dosage of Lunesta medicine?

In case a person misses to dose on any drug which contains eszopiclone as its active and main element, accidentally, he must not be getting proper sleep at night. Well, the Lunesta drug is essentially a medicine that is to be taken only during bedtime. If someone refuses his dose, he may find trouble sleeping.

If such a thing happens, a person must take Lunesta dose for being able to stay in the bed for the next 7 to 8 hours out there afterward.

Are there any special dietary instructions for a person who’s dosing on Lunesta 2 mg?

People who have been prescribed the dose of Lunesta must not follow any special kind of dietary stuff for the same. They just need to cut down on their intake of alcohol in any form, even be it a grapefruit juice, caffeine intake, and smoking habit.

Can pregnant women dose Lunesta 2 mg?

Well, those women who are already pregnant, or are planning for a future pregnancy to take place soon, must be kept from consuming Lunesta 3 mg medicine. This is essentially needed to avoid any sort of addiction or drug interaction in the child after he’s born.

Can breastfeeding ladies dose Lunesta drug?

In case a woman is breast-feeding currently, then she must to be avoided consuming this medicinal drug for the purpose to avoid any drug addiction or poisoning in the baby’s immune system. Such drugs could prove to be harmful to the baby and the mother possibly too.

If still it is recommended to any such lady, then proper risks and benefits should be calculated before starting the dose.

Who must not consume this Lunesta 2mg drug?

There is a list of people who must be avoided to dose on Lunesta medicine:

  People who could have had alcohol or any other addiction. Alcoholism can significantly make the side effects of Lunesta worse.

  Patients who are having any kind of surgery, even including any dental surgery, must be avoided given a dose of Lunesta drug.

  Those who are equal or more than 65 years of age, must not be prescribed a dosage for this drug. It could prove to be pretty harmful to their overall health. Older adults must usually be kept from consuming chemicals like eszopiclone.

  People who are possibly experiencing drug addiction with Lunesta 2mg tablets must opt out to use these tablets again.

  Those who are allergic to Lunesta’s active ingredient eszopiclone, or any other ingredient, must not consume Lunesta tablets, in order to avoid any complications.

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